Sweat smell in your clothes? This is how you prevent that

Everyone sometimes suffers from a bad smell of sweat in a shirt, pants or sweater, especially during sports. It is an annoying problem that we all have to deal with at some point.

The washing machine sometimes seems unable to save sportswear and tricks with vinegar or soda often only work for a short time.

We need to do something about that, scientists David and Dennis thought. Fanatic athletes and researchers themselves, they devised a technique in their lab that can retain fresh scents for a long time. Capsport clothing was born.

The weapon against sweat smell in your clothes

It actually works very simply: the paint in the shirts, tops and trousers of Capsport retains a fresh scent for up to 30 days. A lot longer than deodorant or fabric softener. As a result, you smell flowers instead of sweat.

After a few washes, that smell will decrease, but you can 'load' it yourself with a fresh scent.

Is there something here for you?

Sleek design

Capsport clothing is not only nice for the nose, because the eye also wants something. In our collection you will therefore find stylish designs and colors that fit perfectly with the latest sports fashion, for men and women. This not only allows you to perform optimally during sports , but you also look good!

In short, Capsport clothing is the perfect solution for people who suffer from sweat odor in their sportswear. Or who just want to smell nice, without liters of deodorant. So what are you waiting for? Try it yourself and enjoy fresh and comfortable sportswear during your next workout!

This is how Capsport scented clothing works