This is how self-scented clothing works

We don't just sweat in the gym, but also in our lab! Our fight against bad odors was one of trial and error, but many drops of sweat later we had found the way: self-scented sportswear was born. 

Smell good for 30 days

You can see it as a kind of miniscule sponges: they suddenly absorb a lot of fragrant liquid and that drips out very slowly. It takes at least 30 days for all the smell to disappear.

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Ink with our capsules mixed in, we print on Capsport sportswear. We then apply a fragrance to the texts, logos or pictures, just before you receive your favorite shirt or pants from us. This gives the clothes a fresh scent for more than 30 days. That is not only nice for yourself and your environment, but also pumps up your energy levels! 

Washing and refilling

The washing machine cleans the fabric, but does not remove all the odorant. The smell in the ink therefore remains for several washes. The hotter you wash, the faster the odor disappears. 
If you don't smell anything anymore, simply refill it. Spray your favorite eau de toilette, aftershave or perfume on the print, and the fresh scent is back. Nice that you don't have to spray this on your skin, because such a perfume is not always healthy. 
And rest assured, we've made it so that the print only picks up your favorite scent. Dirty odors stay far!