Scented sportswear

Capsport brings together sports and science. Thanks to our unique scenting technique, your new outfit will immediately smell good, no matter how hard you work, dance, play or train. Our scented clothing can always be reapplied. Capsport arms you against unpleasant odors.

  • Perform better

    Did you know that smell affects your performance? That's because your brain produces a substance when it picks up a nice smell.

    Read all about it.

  • Fresh at work

    With our scented sportswear you will smell fresh in the gym. Also useful at work. We make your chef jacket, work trousers or shirt self-scented, completely customized.

  • Seize the day

    Be who you want to be. Do your running without hesitation, your training with confidence. We want to help with that with Capsport scented sportswear. Modern clothing that always smells good.