Sportswear that keeps smelling nice and fresh, even if you sweat a lot. The time is right for this invention. The launch of Capsport did not go unnoticed!

In the newspaper

Screenshot of article and video Gelderlander about exercising and still smelling good De Gelderlander visited us to ask us for the (nice-smelling) shirt off the body and to test whether it works. It did! Their article and video was published by several newspapers in early 2023:

Radio and TV

Screenshot RTL News about Capsport We spoke to several radio stations and RTL came by. Watch and listen to the fragments here:

A nice big story was in Vox, the independent magazine of Radboud University. Read the online version here .


Dutch Throwdown

The Dutch Throwdown crew wore Capsport clothing What a weekend!

On February 4 and 5, we were a partner at the crossfit event Dutch Throwdown in Den Bosch. All crew members smelled nice and fresh that day thanks to our Capsport shirts!

And of course we were there ourselves, equipped with our entire collection. For those who quickly wanted to buy a fresh pair of leggings or top.

And of course we were there ourselves