About us

Capsport was founded in 2022 by scientists with a love for sports. We want to get people in motion, whether it's to stay healthy or to want to be the best.

Our self-scented sportswear helps with that, because a nice fresh shirt is simply nicer to wear - and it pumps up your energy levels.

During our daily work in our lab near Radboud University in Nijmegen, we discovered a way - or rather a product - to retain odor for a long time. By processing this in fabrics and filling it with nice fragrances, we can make clothes smell nice for a long time. This is how self-scented clothing works .

And in what situations it's convenient that your clothes smell nice?

Exactly, when you're sweating.

We are crazy about sports, so one lead to the other. The result is Capsport, a clothing line for sports - but you can also wear it at other times - in which you always smell good.

A kind of permanent deodorant. Check out our collection.

And who are we then?

We are Dennis Vriezema and David Asrian, chemists by profession, athletes by hobby.

Dennis is a fanatical runner and often participates in middle distance competitions, such as the Zevenheuvelenloop.
David has been active for many years as a weightlifter/powerlifter with experience in international competition. He also is a sports instructor at a gym. As a result, we know what athletes are looking for in sportswear.