Frequently asked questions

How does self-scented clothing work?

We mix an ingredient specially developed by us in the ink that is printed on the clothing. These are tiny capsules that quickly absorb odor and release it very slowly. 

How safe is Capsport clothing?

The materials used have been tested and proven to be safe for humans and animals. Under normal circumstances, none of it ends up in the environment. 

Is the technology sustainable? 

Providing a piece of clothing with a long-lasting pleasant scent can result in it being washed less often. This in turn leads to a reduction in the use of water and energy. The material itself is also safe for humans and the environment. The production of the capsules we use is as sustainable as possible, with a lot of attention to reducing energy consumption and waste. 

Do self-scented clothes absorb sweat odor? 

No, the print does not retain the sweat smell. The material is hydrophobic (water repellent) and therefore sweat is repelled. 

Why does the odor decrease after a wash? 

The fragrance strength decreases with a wash. This effect is greater when washing at a higher temperature and depends on the type of detergent. We therefore recommend washing at 30 degrees. Washing instructions are on the packaging on the clothes. 

How can I make the sportswear smell just as strong again? 

You can spray or dab your own scent on the Capsport logo. Think of your favorite perfume, deodorant or detergent spray. The capsules then reload with a fragrance and slowly release it for several weeks. 

Does it also work with other fragrances? 

Yes, you can choose your own favorite fragrance. 

For which applications is Capsport clothing suitable? 

Capsport clothing is intended for sports, but you can of course also use it in everyday life.